Healthy Lunch Invigorates Healthy Students

Studies have shown that hungry kids have a harder time concentrating on tasks at school as well as having the energy to be inspired and involved with their peers.  We take that to heart at the Dragons Cafe and try and provide a menu that is both exciting and healthy for our students.  Our pricing and online payment options are here to make it easy for your planning.  Also don’t forget to download the printable Dragons Cafe menu to hang on your refrigerator.


Breakfast includes fresh fruit, choice of cereal, and whole grain toast.

Breakfast (with or without Milk): $1.25

Reduced Breakfast: $0.30

Adult Breakfast (without Milk): $2.10

Milk (1%) or Nonfat Chocolate: $ .30


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Lunch includes garden bar with fresh fruit and veggies.

Lunch K-8 (with or without Milk): $2.50

Reduced Lunch: $0.40

Adult Lunch (without Milk): $3.45

Milk (1%) or Nonfat Chocolate: $ 0.30


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Printable Menus

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Nutrition Nugget

Our new monthly nutrition newsletter from the desk of Maureen Lewis, Director of Nutritional Services for the Redding School District.

Upcoming Breakfast

Mon 24
Tue 25

Scrambled eggs

April 25
Wed 26
Thu 27

A to Z bread

April 27

Upcoming Lunch

Tue 25

Breakfast and lunch. It’s convenient and nutritious served with fresh fruit and vegetables daily.

Cherie Aicher

Head Cook, Dragons Cafe

The USDA and the CDE are equal opportunity providers and employers. All menus are subject to change.