Hello Sycamore Dragon Families! Two years ago we had the wonderful opportunity to fundraise enough money to purchase every student their very own Sycamore t-shirt that they wear on Fridays (we keep them at school and wash the t-shirts during the week) so that we could ensure that all students have their shirts on to celebrate our school unity.  Due to budgetary reasons, last year we had to begin asking for donations from our families towards the purchase of a school shirt for their child/children.  We really would like to continue the tradition of the school unity on Fridays by keeping the T-Shirts here at school to ensure that every student has theirs to wear.  We can continue washing them during the week and students will be able to keep their shirt at the end of the school year (they are labeled with their name.) We are asking if it is possible to send in a donation towards your child’s shirt to offset the cost.  the t-shirt individual cost is $10.00.  If you could donate any portion of this cost, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please return your order form by Monday, October 16th as we will be ordering the shirts on October 17th.  If you are able to donate a portion of the cost, please send it to school by November 3rd.  Thank you so much.

We also have had some parents who have expressed and interest in purchasing and additional t-shirt or sweatshirts in both child and adult sizes.  This will be the only order that we place before Christmas, so if you have an additional order, please have your order in by 10/16/17.  Your child will bring home and order form, if you need an additional form, please pick one up in the front office.